Admission opens for the session 2020-21 for class KG-VIII

Know Our Locality


Tingrai is located in the Dibrugarh district of the Assam. It is mainly situated in the Dibrugarh- Duliajan road and is about 7km from Duliajan Township.

The climate here is quite moderate. In the rainy season, it rains very heavily and in the summer season, the temperature rises up to a great extent. Tingrai is surrounded by thousands of flora and faunas. There is no any endemic species. The Tingrai Block is surrounded by all the tea plantations, mainly in the village of Balijan area more than half percent of the area is covered by tea plantations. Vegetable production is also very widely practiced here. A huge amount of vegetable gets produced in this area. Depending on the climate conditions every pattern of crops are grown. The farmers make a great profit. The overall natural phenomena in and around the societies is also very clam. Due to the good relation between the people of Tingrai block, their people are living their life peacefully.