Celebrations and Observations

New session 2012-13 for classes I-X was started from 5th April '12 with BARSHA ARAMBHA ceremony. The programme was commenced with morning prayer. Then Gora Chand Das Sir welcome all the students in the sesion 2012-13 by welcome speech. All the students were asked to take blessing and offer rice to Goddess 'SARASWATI' and 'OM' simultaneously Ranjeeta didi lead the Saraswati Bandana and students followed. At last the ceremony was concluded with SHANTI MANTRA.

BIDYA ARAMBHA ceremony for the students of KG was observed on 6th April'12. Suman didi welcomed all the students with thier parents. Then headmaster sir highlighted the significance of the day and also welcomed them by welcome address. Then they were asked to take blessings from Goddess 'SARASWATI' and 'OM'. Then students were asked to make the shape of 'OM' on the plate filled with rice and few drops of honey was put in thier mouth. The programme was concluded with SHANTI MANTRA.

In our Vidyalaya, Workshop on ‘MATRI PUJA’ was conducted on 9th April’12. Class VI students were invited for the puja. First of all, children’s welcomed their mother by washing and applying CHANDAN on their feet. Then all the mother’s and children gathered in the prayer hall. After that headmaster sir welcomed all of them by welcome address. BHARTI DIDI was present in the puja. She gave speech on significance and reason behind celebrating’ MATRI PUJA’ in India. After that puja was conducted under the guidance of P.KRISHNA KUMAR. After the completion of puja mother’s and children’s were asked to share their experience.

From 5th period to 7th period was observed as World Environmental Day.
In 5th period all of us planted some fruits and flower tree (46) in our school premises. 1st plant was planted by our principal sir with class I students. After that classwise all the students planted trees.
From 6th to 7th period one interaction session about WORLD ENVIRONMENTAL  DAY with the students. One lecture was delivered by Chandana didi about WORLD ENVIRONMENTAL DAY, after that some students performed some programmes like poem recitation, lectures etc. in respect of WORLD ENVIRONMENTAL  DAY. After that one exhibition was shown by the students.

Birthday of Lord Krishna was celebrated on 9th August in our school with great pomp and joy The celebration started with shantimantra. Mohan told story about Lord Krishna. After this we did puja to Lord Krishna . And the students sang bhajans.
After the puja one competition was held for the students of class III-V. There was a solo dance competition on Lord Krishna song. All the participants performed very well.
At the end of the programme was concluded with shantipath. Prasad was distributed to all the students. At the end of the celebration there was a competition between the group. The boys of class V-VII broke the Dahi Handi (Pot Breaking) which added more joy to the celebrations.

Sankar Dev Tithi was celebrated on 19th August'2012. The celebration stated with a "Nam" sang by a student of class V. After that Chandana didi gave a speech on the life history of Sankar Dev. Bhakats were invited and they performed Nam Prasanga. After that there was a solo dance performed by the students of class IV and after that a group of students of class VIII performed  "Nam".
On the occassion of Sankar Dev Tithi there was a Borgeet competition. The programme concluded with shantimantra.

Jyoti Diwas was observed at Tamulbari Tea Estate. Teachers and students went there to celebrate Jyoti Diwas. Students of our school performed cultural programmes like dance, song, drama and speech was given by a student and our Chandana didi delivered speech from teachers side.

Eknathji’s Punyatithi was observed in our school. The observation started with Shanti Path then the teachers and the students paid floral tribute to Eknathji. After that there was a group song by the students . Then Gora Sir gave a speech and the observation concluded with Shanti Mantra.
Teachers’ day and Madhav Dev Tithi was celebrated on 5th sept. in our school. On that day students of Class IX and X acted as a acting teachers and few classes were taken by them. There was cultural programmes perfomrmed by the students of classes III to X. Bubli didi gave speech on Teachers’ Day and Ranjeeta Didi gave speech on Madhav Dev Tithi. There was Naam prasang by the students of class VIII.